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Brendan Lewes


Every success needs luck and although singer-songwriter Brendan Lewes has been forced to think outside the box this year, luck has seen him in online streams, performing live to a drive-in audience, gigging behind Plexi-glass at his local and cycling 350km to play a tour of garden concerts around Northern Germany. Everything this year has been different, in so many ways communities have come together to support the arts. In this vein, Brendan’s new album, Nine Songs Sung From The End, completed thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign, is being released on November 27th.



The idea of the album is simple. “Politically, socially and environmentally we’re hurtling towards a cliff edge, these songs were written from that perspective”, says Brendan. The lyrics range from his often angry response to the gross inequalities of modern society, to reflection on his tour life in Germany. The album ranges from a full band set-up, to stripped back guitar, piano and vocals, mixing blues, rock and folk influences. The album was recorded with the Gambling Ambers, a supporting cast of great musicians and friends from Kiel, Brendan's adopted home.



Being released through Timezone Records, the album will be available everywhere online digitally, and physically through Brendan’s BandCamp Page from the 27th of November. 


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